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Students On Mission: Summer Camps

An Update from Haley

For twelve weeks this summer, Haley Caldwell has been serving at Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters in Andrews, NC. While she was growing up, Haley attended Snowbird for seven different summers. This time was incredibly formative in her walk with the Lord.

Haley2As different groups come through camp each week, Haley is able to proclaim the Gospel to these students often. By meeting with students one-on-one and leading small group, Haley has had the opportunity to teach students about how Christ entered into the world to atone for sin and reconcile people to God. She is also able to live life alongside these students for a short period of time – showing them tangible ways that the Gospel permeates all parts of life.

haley1In the next two weeks, pray that Haley is able to keep a “week one mindset” – sharing the Gospel with the same excitement and commitment that she had during the first week. Also, pray that those who have heard the gospel this summer would not remain the same. Pray that they would be weighted down by the reality of their sin, but that they would also experience the freedom that comes from knowing that for believers, this sin has been cast into the sea of God’s forgetfulness.


An Update from Abby

Abby1Abby Alfrey worked at WinShape camps for girls in Young Harris, GA for eleven weeks this summer. She has primarily served girls who are finished with eighth grade. For one week, the attend camp and Abby is able to build relationships with them. During the middle of the week, Abby explicitly shares the Gospel with these girls and sets aside time to have one-on-one conversation with each of them about what they have heard.

There are broad spectrums of girls that attend camp – from those who have grown up in the church to those who have never opened a Bible before coming to camp. Many of these girls have discovered the truth of Scripture for the first time, and as a church, we are praying that Christ will hold them fast.

abby2Since we know that Christ’s word will not return void, we are praying that it would radically impact the lives of each of these girls. For the students who are returning home to less than ideal circumstances, pray that the Lord would continue to provide community and opportunity to mature in the faith. Also pray that their new understanding of the gospel would be an incredible platform for these girls to proclaim the gospel to their nonbelieving family members.