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Students On Mission: International Locations

An Update From Lyndsey

lyndseyLyndsey Mack has been given the privilege to serve Canaan Christian Community this summer in Haiti through SummerLINK. This organization seeks to impact their country through providing education, taking care of physical needs at the clinic, and worshiping together at their church. Throughout the past five weeks, she has worked as an English Teacher for teenage girls at the school and has been intentional about proclaiming the Gospel to her students and the girls who she has been able to develop relationships with. Many of these students have heard the gospel before, since they are attending a Christian school, but have no understanding of how this permeates every part of their lives. In the past week, Lyndsey and her team have served the community well by organizing a week of camp for over 100 Haitian students. While their time in this country hasn’t been easy — with power going in and out and showers always running cold — the idea of leaving these people, whom they have come to love dearly, is heartbreaking.

unnamed-3Please be in prayer for Lyndsey as she prepares to leave Haiti and return home to us! Pray that the Lord would comfort their team with the knowledge that He is completely sovereign over this nation. Also pray that the Haitians who have been in contact with this Summer Link team would come to true understanding of the freedom that is found in the gospel.


An Update From Linnea

linnea2Paraguay isn’t a country to which many people travel.  There aren’t many breathtaking views and there isn’t well known historical architecture. But there is an orphanage there and by the grace of the Lord, Linnea Cash was able to serve these students by teaching English classes for 8 weeks this summer. She was also able to care for the long-term missionaries well by serving them in many different capacities — including cleaning a large number of Paraguan bathrooms.

Linnea’s time in this country was pretty difficult. The people were hesitant to build relationships and she lived in less than ideal situations – but the Lord was faithful to grant her opportunities to serve and he taught her so much about his care for people across the globe. Since arriving back in the United States, Linnea has reflected on what the Lord has taught her while she was there. In the middle of a culture that is completely unknown, she was confronted with the reality that God is unchanging. The same God that she came to know in America is sovereign in Paraguay — and while those in this third world country experience life in a completely different way, He is no less loving or gracious towards them.

unnamed-4Following Linnea’s trip, our church can be in prayer for the full time missionaries in Paraguay. Pray for strength and endurance as they continue to proclaim the Gospel to natives. Also pray for the continued discipleship of the children there (both in the children's home and the school where she taught) – ultimately, pray that these children would come to salvation!  


An Update From Sarah

unnamed-1Sarah Walenceus is serving in Reynosa, Mexico for two months this summer with Mission Isaiah 55. This city connects Texas to Mexico, and is one of the fastest growing cities in the country.  Mission Isaiah 55 in Mexico began as a ministry to the deaf and now has expanded that vision to other outlets of the community. This summer, they have placed Sarah in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city.

When she was 13 years old, Sarah became involved with Isaiah 55 through her home church – attending a few weeklong trips over the years. When a family from this church moved to the city three years ago and invited her to come down as an intern this summer to work alongside 6 other college students, she knew it would be an incredible opportunity to serve the Lord through the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

unnamedSince Sarah is not fluent in Spanish, the language barrier has often prevented her from being able to speak the gospel to the people she comes into contact with. However, this barrier has also forced her to consider her interactions with the people more carefully, as she attempts to show promote the Gospel with her life and with her actions.  Over the summer, she has worked with several VBS camps, as well as serving during community outreach twice a week for kids in the neighborhood. During these events, Sarah has been able to connect with students and point them to truth. 

As Sarah completes her summer in Mexico, please pray that the neighborhood of Aquiles would experience healing. Pray that the missionary team here would be sustained by the gospel and engaged in the community, that the deaf school would continue to thrive, and that the violence in the area relating to the cartel would come to an end. Most of all, pray that the light of the gospel with drive out the darkness that seems to surround so many!