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Students On Mission: Internships

An Update from Miranda

MirandaFor 10 weeks this summer, Miranda Godfrey has been working at The Church at Lifepark in Mt. Pleasant, SC.  Through serving as a youth ministry intern, Miranda has been able to lead groups of high school and middle school students on mission trips and to summer camps, and lead the group in understanding scripture well.  

While serving with a group of high schoolers in Charlotte on a mission trip, Miranda was able to see her students proclaim the Gospel to unbelievers and grow in their desire to see the lost come to a saving knowledge of Christ crucified and risen.  She was also able to attend camp with a group of middle school students and walk with 6th grade girls through the Word every night. One of the most encouraging moments of Miranda’s summer was when she taught the entire group about her experiences with sharing the Gospel to her non-believing family members – equipping them for the work of ministry.

IMG_4459By the grace of the Lord, we hope that these students will take all of these experiences as evidence of a need to live missionally.  We are praying that Miranda’s students will be a generation of believers that do not make light of the command to make disciples. We also encourage the church to pray for students that Miranda has been building relationships with who have not come to a saving knowledge of the Gospel!  Pray that through the community of this church, they would understand the weight of their sin and the goodness of the grace of the Lord!  


An Update from Allie

AllieAllie Halperin spent nine weeks in Bend, Oregon as an intern at Antioch Church this summer.  As a missions and social justice intern, Allie spent a majority of her summer volunteering in different places in this community — showing palpable examples of love and service, which reflect our Savior.  One area of ministry that she became involved in was a clothing company called Sudara.  Through this business, women who have been rescued from sex trafficking in India make clothes and sell them, which gives the women an opportunity to support themselves.

IMG_3573She also worked at a local soup kitchen, serving the community and overseeing middle schoolers who were volunteering by preparing meals.  One of her favorite parts of working directly with organizations in the Pacific Northwest was the ability to have conversations with people who aren't used to interacting with Christians.  Through these acts of service, Allie was able to have conversations with people who were interested and open to hearing their motivations for serving the area.

As Allie’s internship comes to a close, please be in prayer that, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, she would be able to rightly apply the things she’s learned out west in our context.  Also, pray that the truth that all of humanity is made in God's image would drive Allie, and our church body, to care deeply and sacrificially for people from all nations and ethnicities.


An Update from Hannah

Hannah WilliamsonDuring the second half of her summer, Hannah Williamson interned at Davie Pregnancy Care Center.  This Christian organization seeks to address the needs of those making pregnancy decisions by offering hope and help to every woman who enters the facility.  After growing up in Davie County and seeing this center near her house throughout her childhood, Hannah felt strongly about serving this ministry in a tangible way.

On a daily basis, Hannah is meeting with women who are in need of counseling about their pregnancy decisions.  By building relationships with these women, she is often able to engage them with the gospel.  Often, she prays with women and has even had the opportunity to hold bible studies with them.  By giving the women their own copy of the Bible, Hannah and this pregnancy center are actively equipping with the Word.

blog picBe in prayer that this specific ministry would find more and more ways to engage women and their families in this county.  Ultimately, pray that each woman that enters Davie Pregnancy Care Center would not only choose life for their unborn child, but would also choose eternal life with Christ.