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Studying the Bible: Resources

Bible study

Like new born babies, long for the pure spiritual milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation” - 1 Peter 2:2 (NASB)

 We are to crave the Bible, because God’s Word is what sustains and nourishes us. But Peter does not want us to merely read God’s Word, but instead to read it and know it in a way that brings spiritual growth. Studying God’s Word is a means to spiritual maturity, and God uses His Word to train us, correct us, and teach us (2 Timothy 3:16). As Christians, we see the importance of God’s Word for our faith and our life, but often when we go to study the Bible we do not know where to start or we feel inadequate to read and understand it. Here are three free resources that will aid you in your study of God’s Word.

Bible Gateway

Format: Website (biblegateway.com) or App (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon)
Key Features:

  • Bible reading from multiple different translations and audio. You can also do text comparison between two different translations.
  • Multiple daily devotionals including classic devotionals from C.S. Lewis and Charles Spurgeon.
  • Daily Reading Plans that can be emailed directly to you or followed online or on the App.
  • Bible Study with several commentaries including the complete InterVarsity Press (IVP) New Testament Commentary Series.
  • Video lectures from R.C. Sproul’s “Knowing Scripture”.

Bible Study Tools

Format: Website (biblestudytools.com) or App (iTunes, Google Play, Amazon)
Key Features:

  • Video commentary and explanation on different passages and biblical themes.
  • Commentaries from great theologians and pastors including John Calvin, Matthew Henry and Charles Spurgeon.
  • Multiple Concordances to see where specific words and phrases are found throughout the Bible.
  • Biblical dictionaries and Encyclopedias including Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology as well as a complete Greek and Hebrew lexicon to provide definitions and meaning of biblical words found in the original New Testament Greek and Old Testament Hebrew.
  • Resources on Church History including primary sources for John Calvin’s “Institutes of Christian Religion” and John Fox’s “Book of Martyrs”.
  • Other resources of classic books by John Bunyan, St. Augustine, Andrew Murray. J.C. Ryle and more.

My WORDsearch Bible (myWSB)

Format: Website (mywsb.com)
Key Features:

  • Web based application that syncs all of your LifeWay and WORDsearch books and resources in one place.
  • WORDsearch has over 200 free books and resources including Church Creeds, commentaries, histories, and classic Christian works.
  • Word Study Tool to look up any English word or search for the original Hebrew and Greek for deeper understanding of specific biblical words.
  • Parallel Tool allows you to simultaneously compare different Bible translations.
  • Bible Reader allows you to highlight specific portions of Scripture, add notes, or bookmarks.